I’m always amazed when I see someone with high confidence. In my head, I tell myself “why are you not like that?”. Confidence is something that I have been working on since forever. Growing up and even now, not being confidence led me to missed some big opportunities and living my life properly. Thus, recently I tried to watch videos, talk to my friends about it, and I realized I’m not alone. The main things that I want to work on are doubting myself and accepting my appearance. I always felt useless because I didn’t know what I want to do in life.My appearance was always a problem because I didn’t feel beautiful. Being a woman in today society is really hard because we are supposed to be perfect physically.   It is no question that being confident in my skin will be a long process but I want to do it. So, for people out there who are under confident you can do it !!


The morning after christmas

Since I moved to the US, I would celebrate Christmas with my friends. This year, they were not here, so my Christmas was pretty calm.  In the morning, I went to church, ate and enjoyed Netflix with my sister. Honestly, I was a little bit sad at first, but I realized that it was not that bad. I had to be grateful for what I have at the moment. Life is so unpredictable you have to appreciate every moment . So for people who are alone or don’t celebrate the holidays how they want, just look around you and appreciate what you have.


Appreciate life even it’s not perfect. Happiness is not fufillment of what we wish for, but an appreciation of what we have.

New start?

I don’t know about having a new start LoL, and I don’t want to be the type of person to set goals every year, but it is a bad thing though? Looking at my life, this year was pretty tough because of so many bad memories. Do you ever wake up and ask yourself what are you doing?! You are basically ruining your life by always thinking about what people say,  please people and bring yourself down. Why are you doing that? It was simply a wake-up call that I have to take charge of my life. So maybe I don’t mind if this is a new start.